5 Incredible Places To Use Points For A Luxury Spring Break Getaway

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A very good friend gifted me IHG Royal Ambassador status for my honeymoon back in 2013. If he wasn’t a good friend before, he certainly is now, as that was a very generous wedding gift! Not only did it get me a memorable honeymoon, it was also the start of my appreciation for miles and points.

From that moment on, I strive to book the best value redemption possible, which often turns out to be far to reach and over the top luxurious vacations, because why not? However, these trips take meticulous planning, and at times, must be booked a year in advance. On top of that, it could take another year to collect the necessary points.

With that, we sometimes forget there are some spectacular resorts in the US, which are only a short flight away. These could make for an unforgettable getaway. If you are planning a last minute fancy spring break trip near home, and are looking for good weather, consider these point redemptions.