9 Transatlantic Business Class Products I’d Like To Review

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Over the past few years I’ve been making an effort to review as many new business class products as possible (you can find all the reviews in the trip report index). It has been really fun to do so. As much as I enjoy my umpteenth flight in Cathay Pacific or Lufthansa first class, as a product enthusiast there’s something fun about boarding a flight and having no clue what to expect. I’ve really enjoyed it.

What’s funny is the feedback I’ve gotten on these flight reviews. Back in the day when I reviewed the most popular airlines for redeeming miles over and over, people told me to review more obscure airlines. Now a lot of people tell me to stop reviewing obscure airlines, because they’re not useful for those redeeming miles. Anyway, just a random observation, though I’ve been enjoying these reviews so much that I have no plans to stop.

I cross the Atlantic quite often, so earlier while trying to plan my next trip I decided to compile a list of the transatlantic business class experiences that I still want to review. These are mostly airlines I haven’t yet reviewed, though in some cases also new cabins offered by airlines I’ve already reviewed.