A Look At Biman Bangladesh’s New 787 Business Class

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The newly delivered 787 that I’m most excited about this summer belongs to Air Tanzania, as they’ll be adding a single Boeing 787 to their fleet, which they plan to use for flights to Mumbai. You can bet I’ll be on that flight only shortly after it launches.

There’s another new 787 operator this summer that I’m pretty excited about as well. The airline has a total of four Boeing 787-8s on order, the first two of which they’re scheduled to take delivery of this year. It’s my understanding that the first one should be joining their fleet around this August.

Currently Biman’s longhaul fleet consists of six Boeing 777s (two 777-200ERs and four 777-300ERs), so this will enable quite a bit of longhaul growth from them, as I don’t believe they’re retiring their 777s.