A Series Of Unfortunate Events #3: Last SECOND Award Travel

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Okay, this will be the third and last edition of ‘a time when things didn’t go quite to plan,’ and I’m hoping I’ve saved the best for last (you can find the first and second edition here). After this one, all my travel is going to be smooth sailing with no hiccups (fingers crossed).

Two years ago I moved from Australia to London. The Queen of England is Australia’s Head of State, and Australia is a proud member of the British Commonwealth. As such, there are generous working rights given to Australians wishing to move to and work in London. My grandfather was born in the UK (while both my parents were born in Australia) so I was entitled to apply for an ancestry working visa, which, if approved would give me five years work rights in the UK, with the option to extend for a further five years.

I was pretty terrified of packing up my life and moving to the other side of the world when I’d only lived in Australia before, so began meticulously planning every detail to try and make it as smooth as possible. I wrote a master to-do list, starting six months in advance, with each task listed with a due date (i.e. ‘6 weeks before leaving,’ ‘2 weeks before leaving,’ etc.). I then diligently completed each task on the list, everything from sorting through the junk in my garage, to booking the flights, to interviewing property managers to manage my rental property, to emptying the fridge.