A Series Of Unfortunate Events: My Ethiopian Stopover

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Last year I needed to fly from Johannesburg to London. I considered using miles to fly Etihad business class, but decided to try and find something more interesting and exotic.

Searching availability using LifeMiles, there was an option to fly Ethiopian Airlines to London via their hub in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. This involved a quick 3 hour connection. But given my love of a 24 stopover and the unlikeliness I would visit Ethiopia otherwise, I decided to try and give myself a full 24 hours there.

Fortunately this was possible if I booked Ethiopian to Addis, then EgyptAir on to London, via Cairo. I would arrive in Addis at 6am and then fly on to Cairo at 4am the next day. I was excited to visit a new country and also try two new airlines! So I booked the flights about 6 months in advance. The Ethiopian flight was scheduled to be operated by their 787 Dreamliner, and while it may not have had fully-flat seats, it would still provide a comfortable ride for the overnight flight from Johannesburg.