Aegean Airlines’ Impressive Economy Service

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It’s rare that economy is anything to get excited about, though I do think airlines that try to differentiate their experience deserve some credit.

In the US I’d argue that service in economy is getting better rather than worse at the moment (I’m referring to the actual service, rather than legroom). For many years the “big three” US carriers served virtually nothing in economy due to cost cutting. They’ve very slowly been adding back amenities, starting with bringing back (very basic) snacks, like pretzels and cookies. Then they’ve even brought back free meals on select transcontinental routes, and free alcohol in extra legroom economy.

I’d argue that in Europe service in economy is getting worse rather than better at the moment, largely due to competition from ultra low cost carriers. Airlines like British Airways have moved to a buy on board model for food and drinks in shorthaul economy, and other airlines, like Swiss, are trialing it.