Aeroflot May Stop Flying To The US

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With increasing tension between the US and Russia, it looks like Aeroflot may soon stop flying to the US. At least that’s the threat. Aeroflot is Russia’s largest airline, and presently flies to Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Washington DC. They’re also the only airline to offer year-round flights between Russia and the US.

So, why is Aeroflot considering cutting flights to the US? The Russian Foreign Ministry says that this is due to increased delays by the United States in issuing visas, including for their crews. The waiting time for interviews for US visa applications is now about 250 days, and at that point, some say there’s no point in even applying for a visa.

Officially, the ministry statement said that Aeroflot “may be forced to stop (flights) because the crews are experiencing growing difficulty in obtaining American visas.”


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