Aeroflot Recovering Costs From Passenger Who Delayed Flight Due To “Petty Hooliganism”

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I’m not sure how I missed this story initially, but thanks to @AirlineFlyer for Tweeting about it, as it’s quite something. It’s of course frustrating when a passenger causes a disturbance on a flight that leads to a delay. It wastes the time of all the passengers onboard, and also potentially costs the airline thousands of dollars.

Typically airlines don’t seem to go after passengers to recoup damages caused, though perhaps if they did so regularly, it would deter more people from causing situations to occur. In the US we already see airline employees sometimes threaten to kick people off “their plane” and “send them to jail.” Could you imagine if they could add a threat of charging them tens of thousands of dollars? 😉

Well, it looks like that’s exactly what Aeroflot is trying to do for an incident that occurred on February 16, where a passenger is being prosecuted for “petty hooliganism.” Here’s Aeroflot’s press release, which talks about what the passenger did, how they intend to go after him, and about how they’ll be able to blacklist passengers starting later this year (the whole thing is just so good that I’m sharing it in its entirety):