Alaska Lounge JFK Opening April 30, 2018

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Alaska and Virgin America co-located to Terminal 7 at JFK this past October, as they previously operated out of separate terminals. Terminal 7 is otherwise primarily used by British Airways and is quite a dump. We’ve known for quite a while that Alaska intends to open their own lounge there. Currently the only other lounge in the terminal is the British Airways Lounge.

Alaska has said all along that they hope to open the lounge by April 2018, though Alaska also hasn’t been great about sticking to timelines on some things lately (especially when it comes to new Mileage Plan partners). It looks like we now have an official update on this front.

The Alaska Lounge JFK will be opening on April 30, 2018. The lounge will be open daily from 5AM until 10PM, except on Saturdays, when it will close at 5PM.