American AAdvantage Is Sending Out Targeted Status Offers

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I’m getting many reports from readers who have been sent targeted AAdvantage status offers. Many of these are members who haven’t flown with American in a long time, so this is some interesting targeting. It seems like there’s a few different versions of the offer.

Some non-status members are reporting receiving targeted fast track offers, where they can earn Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, or Executive Platinum, based on how many EQMs or EQDs they earn between now and May 25, 2018. Going from no status to Executive Platinum status with just 35,000 EQMs and 4,000 EQDs is a quite good offer.

Others are reporting AAdvantage just outright gifting them status, valid through May 25, 2018. I’ve heard of these offers for Platinum and Platinum Pro so far. I find this offer to be rather bizarre, since there’s no provision to earn status beyond that. It’s great to give someone status for four months, but is the expectation that a non-elite member will suddenly qualify for Platinum Pro from scratch over the course of four months?