Apply Now For A Denali Road Lottery Permit

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At just shy of five million acres, Denali is the third largest of the American national parks. Yet with only one significant road, it’s relatively inaccessible — and you can’t even drive on that one road most of the time. Instead you have to take a park shuttle bus which helps to reduce the environmental impact on this pristine place. It makes sense, but as much as I like to reduce my footprint, I’m not the biggest fan of touring in a group. I suppose it’s just my personality.

So you can imagine that my wife and I were pretty excited to discover that there is one weekend a year when you can drive private cars on the Denali park road. It’s called Road Lottery weekend, and it occurs at the end of the season in mid-September. We did it a few years ago and had a blast.

The reason it’s called Road Lottery weekend is that you need a permit for which is issued through a lottery. The application period for that lottery is now open, so if you want a chance of participating, this is the time to enter.