Ubud Monkey Forest In Bali – Things To Know Before You Visit

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My first visit to the Monkey Forest was fraught with an unnecessary amount of anxiety! One of us, can’t remember who it was (all I know is that it wasn’t me 😀 ) mentioned how the monkeys in the forest were kinda crazy and would attack people for food or even for things like their … Continue Reading

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19 Fairytale Castles In Germany You Have To Visit

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It probably goes without saying that Europe is home to some of the most incredible castles in the world and not many places more so than Germany. There are LOADS of fairytale castles in Germany and we’re talking about castles that have actually inspired real fairytales, loved by billions across the world. Some of these … Continue Reading

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How to Make a Bucket List: 5 Easy Steps to Create a Great One

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Don’t wait for that “perfect time” to make your bucket list, create it not because you are dying but because you want to live! With these easy how-to steps, you’ll be living the your dream in no time!

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Mysterious: Qatar Airways Offered 25% Stake In Unnamed US Airline Startup

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Qatar Airways has been investing in foreign airlines the past few years, presumably as a way for the government to diversify their assets. They’re not necessarily looking to fully integrate with these airlines, but rather they seem to be investing as a way of getting a direct return on their investment, at least long term (unlike what we’ve seen Etihad do with airberlin, Alitalia, etc.). In other words, it seems that they’re fine investing in airlines even if it doesn’t lead to an amazing joint venture, etc.

As it stands, Qatar Airways has a 20% stake in IAG (the parent company of British Airways and Iberia), a 10% stake in LATAM, a 49% stake in Meridiana, and just recently announced their intentions to acquire a 10% stake in Cathay Pacific.

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Review: Shangri-La Colombo

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I had a quick one night stopover in Colombo. I arrived at around 5PM, and was leaving the next morning at around 9AM. The city of Colombo is quite a ways from the airport, though there aren’t any good airport hotels, as far as I know. Fortunately there’s an expressway connecting the city to the airport, so while it’s quite a distance, the drive only takes 30-45 minutes, assuming you’re not traveling during rush hour.

In the past I’ve reviewed the Hilton Colombo, which is serviceable though nothing special. I was quite excited this time around when I noticed that a gorgeous-looking Shangri-La just recently opened in Colombo. I didn’t realize this was under construction. The only hotel I was anticipating was the Grand Hyatt, which has been under construction for years, though it seems like that won’t be opening, unfortunately.

The rate at the Shangri-La Colombo was about $180 for my one night stay, which is expensive for Colombo, but not unreasonable by international standards. I managed to get a bit more value out of that rate, as Ford was able to book me through Shangri-La’s Luxury Circle program, which comes with extra benefits like a room upgrade, a $50 food & beverage credit, complimentary breakfast, and more.

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Review: Air India Business Class A321 Delhi To Colombo

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After getting off the bus from the remote stand I followed the signage for international transit. Even though I already had a boarding pass, I was told I needed to go to the transit desk and get my boarding pass reprinted.

After that it was time for transit security. The line didn’t look that bad — there were maybe three dozen people in it. The last time I transited Delhi it was a great experience, but that’s probably because I was flying Air India first class, and they assigned me an entourage to whisk me through security in a matter of seconds.

This time around I had to wait in line. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life seen such a slow moving line. My frustration wasn’t even that I had to wait for an hour, but rather just how damn inefficient the process was. I wish I had a blindfold so I didn’t have to watch. They had separate lines for men and women, and while the line for women was fast, I couldn’t believe the pace at which they processed men. They took one person at a time, and then they’d put things on the belt, get a full body pat-down, etc.

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LATAM Is Canceling Washington Flights After Less Than Two Years

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Well that sure didn’t last long. As of May 2, 2016, LATAM Peru began flying 3x weekly between Lima and Washington Dulles. This represented their fifth US destination, after Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Orlando, and like their other US routes, it’s flown with a Boeing 767-300.

Usually when an airline launches a new route it at least sticks around for a few years as they try to grow the market, but I guess the route must not be doing well for LATAM at all, and they’re ready to cut their losses.

LATAM is discontinuing their flights between Lima and Washington Dulles as of March 1, 2018. While the flight still shows in the schedule (as of now), they’re zeroed out the inventory, and presumably it will be fully removed shortly.

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