5 Reasons To Get The CitiBusiness AAdvantage Card

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Since mid-May, we’ve been seeing increased welcome bonuses on two of American’s co-branded Citi credit cards. Specifically, the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard® and CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard®.

While both of these bonuses are great, personally I think the bonus on the business card is exceptional. I applied for the business card myself, and have already started putting spend on the card. In this post I wanted to share seven reasons you should get the CitiBusiness AAdvantage Platinum Card.

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So, How Can You Use Those 90,000 Iberia Avios?

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Earlier I wrote about the incredible promotion where Iberia is offering 9,000 bonus Avios for every booking you make by June 24, 2018. Given that Iberia sells tickets starting at just ~$30 one-way, and given that they post the Avios within 10 days of when you book (rather than within 10 days of when you fly), this is an opportunity to buy 90,000 Avios for ~$300. That’s insane.

The catch is that the Avios have to be redeemed by December 1, 2018 (though I imagine flights could be on subsequent dates). Furthermore, it looks like you won’t be able to convert those Iberia Avios into British Airways Avios.

While many people are familiar with the British Airways Executive Club program, in this post I just wanted to briefly look at some of the redemption opportunities if booking through the Iberia Plus program, for anyone thinking of taking advantage of this promotion. I’m intentionally keeping this post short since I want to get it published ASAP while this deal is still alive, so people can decide whether they want to take advantage of this.

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Booked: I’m Flying* Iberia From Malaga To Madrid 10 Times!

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Since the good fares are rapidly disappearing, I wanted to make one more quick post about this amazing Iberia offer for 9,000 bonus Avios per ticket.

I wrote about the deal before I took advantage of it myself (since I don’t know how much longer this promotion will be around), which is why I wanted to write this post for anyone who still wants to take advantage of this offer.

If you don’t yet have an Iberia Plus account, you’ll want to sign-up for one here.

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James Corden Helps British Airways “Pimp [Their] Glide”

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James Corden is the host of The Late Late Show, and a couple of days ago I shared a video of him “working” at The Savoy in London. In this segment he performed the duties of a bellmen, butler, and restaurant server, of course with his signature cheesy humor. While not everyone will like him,…

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Photos And Postcards From Bavaria, Germany

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I think I just fell in love! 😄 There are loads of beautiful places in Europe but every so often, some places creeps up on you and totally blows your expectations right out of the water. That places recently for me was Bavaria in Germany. This part of Germany is known for its castles… and I … Continue Reading

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Promo Of The Year: Earn 90,000 Iberia Avios For $330

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This offer is simply crazy. Up until now I’ve held off on writing about it because I figured there was no way they’d honor this or intended for the promotion to be as such, but… it seems like this is for real?

The promotion is pretty simple. You can earn 9,000 bonus Iberia Plus Avios for every Iberia ticket you book by June 24, 2018:

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You Can Now Redeem Starbucks Stars At Airport Locations

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While this is a pretty niche change, it does combine my love of airports with my love of loyalty programs, and is something I’ve always found a bit annoying.

With the My Starbucks Rewards program you earn two Stars per dollar spent, and then you need 125 Stars for a free reward (which can include a food or drink item). In other words, you get a free item for every $62.50 of spending. Most of us will probably redeem that for a $5 latte or food item, or something, though there are definitely people who try to maximize these redemptions (though personally I’m not sure I’d call them “aspirational”).

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Niagara-on-the-Lake: Things To Do In Canada’s Prettiest Town

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Niagara-on-the-Lake was a total surprise to me before our last visit to Canada. I mean, yeah, I’d heard of Niagara Falls but I’d never really heard of the town or things to do within Niagara-on-the-Lake. I mean, this was my biggest mistake if I’m honest and after seeing Niagara Falls, it was one of my … Continue Reading

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Etihad Pilots Will Soon Be Operating Emirates Flights

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For the past couple of months, Emirates has had a pilot shortage. This has caused the airline to park planes at Dubai World Central, cut routes, and reduce pilot staffing on some routes. Emirates pilots are leaving the airline to work at other airlines (especially in China) that offer more attractive compensation packages.

There’s a global pilot shortage at the moment, and other airlines offer more pay and allow commuter contracts, while Emirates requires all of their pilots to live in Dubai. What they’re offering their pilots just isn’t as compelling as it used to be.

Emirates’ president has indicated that the airline is just a “tad short” on pilots at the moment, and that they should be fine by this fall. That’s largely because they have cadet pilots that are being trained right now. The problem is that this doesn’t address their long-term issue, which is that many pilots are still leaving, so do they just plan on having a revolving door of pilots forever?

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Virgin Atlantic Just Promised To Always Honor Mistake Fares

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British Airways has been getting quite a bit of media attention for once again not honoring mistake fares. Specifically, passengers booked fares from London to Tel Aviv and Dubai for 200GBP and 220GBP, respectively, and the airline has decided not to honor these tickets. There are two things that make this instance of them not honoring the fare especially bad, in my opinion:

— They waited about a week before they let passengers know they wouldn’t honor these fares
— The fares aren’t actually that low, as there are ultra low cost carriers with even lower fares between London and Tel Aviv

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