Delta May Lose Tax Break Over NRA Stance

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My goodness, this keeps turning into a bigger and bigger issue.

Over the weekend Delta announced that they would no longer offer discounted fares through their group travel program for those attending NRA conferences, and that they’re requesting that the NRA remove Delta’s information from their website. This followed pressure from a lot of anti-gun consumers urging all companies to cut ties with the NRA — Delta certainly wasn’t the only company to give in.

Then yesterday morning Delta issued a statement regarding their stance on the NRA, which did damage on both sides, in my opinion. I feel like this was a situation where they should have just been quiet. Here’s what they said:

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American & Qantas Submit Joint Venture Application (Again)

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In November 2016, the US Department of Transportation blocked the expanded joint transpacific joint venture that American and Qantas had requested. Interestingly the expanded joint venture was approved by Australian authorities, while the US thought that the proposed alliance would substantially reduce competition and consumer choice, without producing sufficient countervailing public benefits.

American and Qantas seemed pretty confident that their request would be approved. On the basis of the joint venture being approved, American launched flights from Los Angeles to both Sydney and Auckland.

So they were quite disappointed when it was rejected. However, rather than appealing the decision right away, they decided on a different strategy. They planned on refiling once Trump was in office, hoping that his administration would take a different approach — American First, if you will. 😉

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12 Beautiful Towns In Southern Italy That You Must Visit

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Yup, I’m hankering on about Italy again! Honestly, I just can’t help it, it’s one of my favourite countries in the world to visit. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll love how diverse Italy is. In lots of ways, the North feels so different from the south, which can actually feel like a totally … Continue Reading

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