Award Availability Alert: American First Class To London!

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Earlier today I wrote about how American had plenty of first class award availability on their flights to Hong Kong, out of both Dallas and Los Angeles. Given how stingy American is with award availability nowadays, that was pretty rare. American does have a history of releasing award seats in spurts, where we see them make a bunch of space available at once, and then they don’t release more space for a while.

Well, it looks like American’s plentiful first class award availability isn’t just limited to Hong Kong. As noted by Rufuss in the comments section on the previous post, American also has a good amount of first class award availability to/from London through the end of May. No, this doesn’t cover travel in summer, and it’s not like all eight first class seats are available as awards on each flight, though availability is much better than usual.

For example, here’s what availability is like on the nonstop flight from Los Angeles to London this spring, which is often one of the toughest flights on which to score an award (and many of those dates have two first class award seats available as well):