BOOKED: Air Belgium, Ukraine International Airlines, And Hong Kong Airlines (Maybe?)

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I’ve had a really rough week when it comes to actually being able to ticket airline reservations. Specifically, there were five relatively straightforward reservations I tried to ticket, and I had serious issues with four of them. I put the emphasis on “relative” there, because they’re relatively straightforward compared to my usual tickets, rather than the average person’s usual tickets. These tickets include a multi-city itinerary on Ukraine International Airlines, a ticket on a start-up airline that I’m suspicious of, an attempted mixed cabin booking on Hong Kong Airlines, and a misfiled Oman Air first class fare that I couldn’t actually ticket (see Oman Air from Cairo to London on July 11 in first class).

The good news is that I managed to book something for a trip that I’ll be taking in May. Here are details, in the order in which I booked: