Buy Avios For Cheap Through Groupon Ireland

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For several years, the Spanish version of the group buying site ‘Groupon’ has been sporadically selling various amounts of British Airways Avios points at large discounts. While the sale prices have generally been great (lower than the 1p per Avios I value them at), the buying process has been complicated, and in many instances customers either didn’t end up receiving the Avios they had paid for, or cancelled the transactions through credit card charge-backs/PayPal disputes.

I bought five ‘packs’ of Avios several years ago when this was first offered, and only received two of the five. So I ended up successfully lodging a PayPal dispute to receive a refund for the three packs I paid for but did not receive.

Groupon Spain had a convoluted purchase process as Tiffany painstakingly showed, where you would purchase a voucher for the specified number of Avios, and then redeem this voucher on their website, enter your Avios account number, and the Avios would eventually be deposited into your account. As this was a Spanish offer, Iberia Plus accounts had to be used, and then these could be transferred into Executive Club accounts.