Cathay Pacific’s Hilarious New Ad Encourages You To Arrive Early To Enjoy Lounges

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For me this is possibly the most relatable airline ad ever. Cathay Pacific recently opened their newest lounge at Hong Kong International Airport, The Deck, and they’ve made an ad centered around it. The ad is called “Make Time For The Deck,” and it’s a minute-long slot where you see a couple running through the airport. You see a sign showing “final call” for a flight, though that’s not where they’re headed.

Instead they show up at The Deck out of breath, and the friendly desk agent informs them “you’re a few hours early for your flight.” Then you see them enjoy the lounge for a few hours, and as they leave, another person is arriving a few hours early. The ad ends with the tagline “Arrive Early.”

For anyone who wants to see the ad, here it is: