Changing (And Canceling) A Mess Of A Trip

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While Ben keeps apologizing for being sick on two of our trips in a row (which suggests that either we need to go on trips more than every other year, or he needs to start taking advantage of the miracle of modern medicine that is vaccinations), I still had a lovely trip. The warmth of Bangkok and Hong Kong was a welcome relief from the Spokane snow, and Ben was surprisingly pleasant for someone who obviously felt poorly.

Fortunately, while he has sweetly reiterated how much care I took of him, there’s really not that much care required when someone is sleeping 18-20 hours a day.

I spent that time taking advantage of the timezone to get work stuff done without distractions (including starting our contributor search), but still had plenty of time to wander in Bangkok, which was especially enjoyable during the cooler evenings. The city was in a festive mood with all the Chinese New Year celebrations, including a lovely delivery of chrysanthemum tea from the hotel.