Cheat Sheet: The Secret United Polaris Menu

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United Polaris was introduced in December 2016. Initially United just introduced the new service as well as a new lounge, and then a few months later the first plane with the new Polaris seats came into service. Unfortunately since then, United’s execution of Polaris service has left a lot to be desired. Specifically, they haven’t opened a single additional Polaris Lounge in nearly 18 months, and they’ve made several cuts to their Polaris soft product.

While United has made some outright cuts, what they’ve largely done is just move the Polaris service to more of an “on demand” model. You know how In-N-Out has a secret menu? Well, the same is true of United Polaris. In some cases they’re going from proactively offering certain items to only offering them on demand, while in other instances they’re going from advertising on the menu that certain things are on demand, to not even mentioning them in any form on the menu. Yes, there is essentially a secret menu for maximizing United Polaris.

A lot of readers have asked “how am I supposed to keep up with all of this?” Reader Andy asked the following question about helping his grandparents (who don’t speak English) maximize their Polaris experience: