Choice Privileges Is Offering A 40% Bonus On Purchased Points

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Through June 1, 2018, Choice Privileges is offering a 40% bonus on the purchase of points.

The promotion is valid as long as you buy at least 5,000 points in one transaction, and you can buy at most 50,000 points through this promotion. Points should post to your account within 24 hours. If you buy 50,000 points then you’d receive a total of 70,000 points for $550, which is a cost of ~0.79 cents per point.

Choice Privileges seems to be offering promotions on purchased points more often recently, and when they do, it typically comes in one of two forms — either they offer a 30% discount or a 40% bonus on purchased points. The 30% discount comes out to a slightly lower price, though the catch is that it also means you can buy fewer points.