Comparing The Domestic Flight Experience On Delta And American

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Moving to Washington State last year was pretty much the end of my loyalty to American Airlines. The relationship was already deteriorating — the elite benefits stopped being as competitive, and there was nothing to justify the higher fares versus other carriers — but American has very little presence in Spokane with just three daily flights, which was pretty much a deal breaker.

Instead, I’ve moved my domestic flying to Delta, which over-serves Spokane as they continue their attack on Alaska cities. This is great in the short term, as it means flights are plentiful, inexpensive, and there are direct Delta flights to four of their hubs.

I did fly American this week, however, as part of my award ticket to London, and it reminded me that I’ve been wanting to do a comparison of the experiences between the two carriers. I know others are always considering switching their primary carrier for one reason or another, and there are certainly some differences to be aware of.