Creative: Delta Showcases Uniforms From The Past In New Safety Video

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As James wrote about yesterday, this week Delta has rolled out new uniforms for their 64,000+ employees. Delta first announced these uniforms back in 2015, but took their time with the design and testing phase. This was to make sure that they didn’t have major issues with the roll-out, as American did.

I agree with James’ conclusion about the uniforms, though I’d add that I think there may be more to these uniforms than meets the eye. Airlines almost always choose uniforms that match the branding of the airline, so it makes me wonder if there’s a major Delta rebranding underway, or what. It’s very strange for an airline that uses red and blue as their primary colors to select new uniforms that are “passport plum.” Maybe there’s more to this story?

What matters to me most about airline uniforms is that they’re comfortable for employees and that the people wearing them feel good, because that’s the greatest thing we can get out of new uniforms as customers.