Daily Getaways 2018 Preview List

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In mid-February I first wrote about how Daily Getaways will be returning this year. For those of you not familiar, Daily Getaways is a promotion, sponsored by the US Travel Association, which has been offered annually since 2011 to encourage US tourism. The promotion has consisted of all kinds of travel packages, including offers on car rentals, hotel stays, loyalty program points, and theme park admission. Here’s an example of some of the 2017 travel packages.

We’ve known that Daily Getaways will be returning this year, with the first packages going for sale on April 9, 2018. Today Daily Getaways released a preview list of the packages we can expect this year. The packages will go on sale at 1PM ET every weekday between April 9 and May 9, 2018.

So far they’ve released the full lists for week one & week two, so you can check out the details of each package there. Beyond the full previews available for the first two weeks, here are the details I have for the entire schedule: