Details Emerge About Air Tanzania’s Fascinating New 787

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There are a lot of plane deliveries this year that I’m excited about, like Oman Air’s 787 with first class, Gulf Air’s 787, Singapore Airlines’ 787-10, and Singapore Airlines’ A350-900ULR, just to name a few.

However, to me there’s one aircraft order that stands out, that I’ve been tracking closely and have been very curious about for a variety of reasons. Specifically, Air Tanzania is scheduled to take delivery of a single Boeing 787 this summer. That might not seem that weird to someone not familiar with the airline, but this is an airline that otherwise has just four turboprops in their fleet. Going from a turboprop to a Boeing 787 is quite a significant move.

Equally fascinating is that they have exactly one 787 on order. That’s a small fleet if I’ve ever seen one. Originally the airline was supposed to take delivery of the plane in June, though the latest I’ve heard suggests that the airline will take delivery of the plane in July, which is still potentially only several weeks away. Despite that, the airline has revealed nothing about the new plane until now, including the routes it will operate, as well as what the interior will look like.