Did Delta Just Lower SkyMiles Award Costs To Asia?!?

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Well this is truly bizarre. As most of you probably know, Delta SkyMiles doesn’t publish award charts for mileage redemptions. The price you see is the price you get. That means we only learn about price increases by trial and error. These are typically intentional, though sometimes Delta claims that these price increases are a glitch, in which case they’re rolled back. The problem is that since they don’t communicate with members, we don’t really have a way of knowing whether something is intentional or a glitch.

Delta has been steadily increasing award rates, in particular for travel on partner airlines. As of last year, Delta SkyMiles charges more for award tickets on partner airlines than for awards on their own flights. For travel to North Asia on a partner airline, Delta has been charging 40,000 miles for economy and 95,000 miles for business class, one-way.

It looks like that pricing has been lowered. Delta’s website is now pricing out partner airline awards to North Asia at lower costs — specifically, the cost is now 35,000 miles in economy and 85,000 miles in business class, which represents a cost decrease of 5,000 and 10,000 miles, respectively.