Drunk & Threatening Guy Jumps Over Railing At Atlanta Airport (Disturbing)

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A sad incident occurred at Atlanta Airport today, where a man jumped over the railings at the airport, from one floor to another. It doesn’t appear as if it was a suicide attempt, but rather the passenger was just really drunk and got into fights. According to CBS46, the passenger was taken to the hospital, though is in stable condition. The incident occurred in Concourse D, outside of Terrapin Taphouse. According to the story:

“A spokesperson for the airport told CBS46 the man got into a disagreement with another passenger prior to falling, adding that he suffered significant injuries. Meanwhile, an Atlanta police spokesperson told CBS46 that the man appeared to be intoxicated, and was threatening other travelers prior to jumping.”

There’s video of the incident on Instagram. If you’d like to watch it, you can do so here (I don’t want to embed it directly), though it’s quite disturbing. You’ve been warned.