Edelweiss Air Crews Express Safety & Passenger Experience Concerns

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Edelweiss Air is Swiss’ leisure airline, which operates a fleet of A320s, A330s and A340s, to both shorthaul and longhaul destinations. They’re not a low cost carrier per se, but rather operate routes to many leisure destinations that wouldn’t work for Swiss (for example, they fly to Tampa, Florida).

Employees at Edelweiss Air have written an eight page open letter to management expressing their concerns — pilots have safety concerns, and cabin crew have passenger experience concerns.

It should also probably be mentioned that there’s quite a bit of contention between employees and management at the company right now over wages, and the pilots haven’t extended their current contracts beyond May 2019. So while I’m not suggesting they’re expressing these concerns as a negotiating tactic, this also can’t be completely ruled out, given the timing.