EL AL Is Reportedly Refusing To Pay Compensation For Flight Delays

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Unfortunately in most parts of the world there are limited government regulations when it comes to how airlines have to compensate passengers in the event of flight delays or cancelations. The EU is an exception, as they dictate the compensation that airlines owe passengers in the event of a flight delay (these rules are known as EU261). This can get costly pretty quickly, and the compensation is based on the distance you’re flying and how much you’re delayed.

For example, if your flight covers a distance of 3,500km and is delayed by four hours or more, you’re entitled to 600EUR cash compensation, which is a lot. Airlines are required to pay this if you ask, though they don’t have to pay this proactively. Rather you typically have to write the airline, and sometimes they make you jump through some hoops, but usually it works in the end.

As reported by Globes, EL AL Israel Airlines is outright ignoring EU261 regulations, and is refusing to pay passengers for flight delays, in direct contradiction of EU laws.