Emirates Is Upgrading Their First Class Champagne (For A Limited Time)

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Emirates offers one of my favorite first class experiences in the world, and I’d say their new 777-300ER first class is perhaps the best in the world.

Emirates also has an excellent soft product, with top notch amenities, food, and drinks. The airline invests more in wine than any other airline. In late 2014 they announced that they were going to spend 500 million USD on their wine program, in order to secure some of the best vintages a decade (or more) before they should be consumed.

In first class Emirates typically serves Dom Perignon champagne, which is fantastic. They usually serve whichever vintage is most common at that time, and some are certainly better than others. For example, the 2003 wasn’t especially great, while the 2006 was excellent. On my last Emirates flight I was served the 2009 vintage, which I enjoyed.