Emirates President Tells US Airlines To Grow Up

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Emirates’ president, Tim Clark, is one of the brightest guys in the airline industry. It’s incredible the airline he has helped build, and if I had to guess, Emirates is the one Gulf carrier that might actually be profitable. Emirates is the airline with the greatest brand recognition in the world, and it’s also the only airline that has been able to scale the A380 in a way that makes sense.

For years the “big three” US carriers have been attacking the “big three” Gulf carriers in a smear campaign, arguing that they’re subsidized (like a countless number of other airlines), and therefore should be stopped. This battle is dying off a bit now, as the US and Qatar have “settled” in a way that’s a victory for Qatar. With this deal, Qatar Airways agreed to using different accounting standards, and also said that they don’t have plans to add any fifth freedom flights to the US as of now. Delta’s CEO has suggested that Qatar Airways is the worst offender of the Open Skies agreement, so if that’s the worst “punishment,” then Emirates and Etihad should have an even easier time.

In a Business Insider interview yesterday, Tim Clark had some interesting things to say to American, Delta, and United: