Etihad Pilots Will Soon Be Operating Emirates Flights

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For the past couple of months, Emirates has had a pilot shortage. This has caused the airline to park planes at Dubai World Central, cut routes, and reduce pilot staffing on some routes. Emirates pilots are leaving the airline to work at other airlines (especially in China) that offer more attractive compensation packages.

There’s a global pilot shortage at the moment, and other airlines offer more pay and allow commuter contracts, while Emirates requires all of their pilots to live in Dubai. What they’re offering their pilots just isn’t as compelling as it used to be.

Emirates’ president has indicated that the airline is just a “tad short” on pilots at the moment, and that they should be fine by this fall. That’s largely because they have cadet pilots that are being trained right now. The problem is that this doesn’t address their long-term issue, which is that many pilots are still leaving, so do they just plan on having a revolving door of pilots forever?