Extremely Rare: Lufthansa First Class Bookable In Advance Using Partner Miles

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Lufthansa ordinarily doesn’t make first class award space available to partner airlines more than 15 days out. Miles & More members can redeem miles for first class travel prior to that, so the restriction is specific to those booking through partner programs.

While that policy is strict, it’s not nearly as strict as Swiss’ policy, as they only let Miles & More elite members redeem miles for their first class, regardless of whether you’re booking 10 months or one day prior to departure.

Anyway, at the moment it looks like several Star Alliance partner airlines have access to Lufthansa first class award availability more than 15 days prior to departure. It looks like Air Canada Aeroplan and United MileagePlus don’t have access to this space. My guess is that this is because they’ve added restrictions on their end that prevent that space from being shown further out.