FAA Releases Findings (And CRAZY Video) Following Last Year’s Close Calls At SFO

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SFO has had a series of close calls over the past couple of years, which have caused the FAA to investigate whether the airport has systemic issues, and what can be done to prevent these issues going forward.

The most dramatic of these incidents was what happened to an Air Canada A320 flying from Toronto to San Francisco on July 7, 2017. The plane was supposed to land on runway 28R, but instead lined up with the parallel taxiway. That taxiway happened to have four planes parked on it (three of which were “heavies”), which were missed by a matter of feet. The initial investigation suggested that the planes got within 50 feet of one another, which is virtually nothing.

The NTSB has just released the following footage of the incident, which can really only be described as chilling: