Having A Great Time In (Touristy) Santorini

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Hello from Greece! We’ve spent the last four days on the island of Santorini. While the primary focus of this blog is always airlines and hotels, occasionally I also like to share my thoughts on destinations. Here are a few of my (random) thoughts based on our time in Santorini. 

It kind of blows my mind that this is the case, but prior to this trip I had never been to Greece as an adult. I remember as a kid I took a cruise with my parents that had a couple of stops in Greece, and I remember it being beautiful. However, other than that I don’t think I’ve ever been. I’m not sure why that’s the case, exactly. It’s probably because a lot of my travels are decided on based on airlines and hotels, and there aren’t that many great airlines flying to Greece, or that many great points hotels.

Having finally visited, I can’t believe I hadn’t ever really visited, because there are so many things to love.