Hilton Honors Makes Changes To Their Airline Partners

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Some significant changes will be coming to the Hilton Honors program tomorrow, which I’ve outlined before. Among these changes is that Hilton is eliminating the ability to earn both Points & Miles for hotel stays, in an effort to simplify the program. Hilton says that fewer than 1% of members took advantage of this.

Personally I never found it to be a particularly good value, and I don’t remember the last time I chose to earn Points & Miles for a Hilton stay. I know for certain people it made sense, like if there was a promotion with an airline, or if someone consistently made short stays at very inexpensive properties. So personally this change doesn’t bother me.

While it will no longer be possible to earn miles directly for hotel stays, it will still be possible to convert Hilton Honors points into airline miles. What’s interesting is that Hilton Honors is changing up their airline partners, as outlined by Head for Points. What’s changing?