How To Book Mixed Cabin Itineraries To Score A Deal On Premium Seats

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Earlier I shared the list of the next 14 first & business class products I’d like to review. Whenever possible I try to redeem miles for flights, though some of the airlines I want to review don’t partner with major loyalty programs, so that’s not an option. In those cases I typically try to score the best deal on premium tickets using one of two methods:

— Booking the ticket out of cheap markets that are known for low fares (Cairo, Colombo, etc.)
— Booking a mixed cabin ticket, with the outbound in first or business class, and the return in economy

Sometimes I’m able to use a combination of both, which is the best of both worlds. While I often just want a one-way in business class because I’m looking to review an airline, there are plenty of other reasons this could be useful. Some people want to fly first or business class in one direction but not the other, yet airlines make it surprisingly hard to book mixed cabin itineraries. In this post I wanted to look at how you can do that.