How To “Reset” American Airlines’ Website After Traveling Abroad

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While I work exclusively online, I’m really quite low tech. Don’t get me wrong, I can type ridiculously fast and am a great internet creeper, but the second anything goes wrong on my computer I’m useless. I imagine the below is incredibly obvious to a vast majority of you, though at the same time I figure that if something stumps me, then I’m not the only one dealing with a particular issue.

American’s website is probably the airline website I use more than any other, simply because of how much I fly with them. Whenever I travel abroad, for whatever reason American’s website likes to save my country preference for that place (whether it’s China or Germany), which is really annoying. I wish it were the other way around and that they’d save my country preference as the US when I’m traveling abroad, but instead the opposite happens, and I consistently find myself having to change the country from somewhere else to the US.