Hyatt Introduces Advance Purchase Member Rates

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In April 2016, Hyatt introduced member only rates. With these rates, members of their loyalty program could get up to 10% off the best flexible rate by booking direct with Hyatt. Hyatt isn’t the only hotel brand that has done this, as most of the major hotel programs have been making a push to get travelers to book directly with them, rather than through a third party (where they have to pay a commission). The added benefit is that it also encourages travelers to join World of Hyatt, which increases engagement.

Today Hyatt announced that they’ve extended their member rate concept. In the past member rates were only available on flexible rates, while Hyatt has now introduced advance purchase member rates.

Hotels globally will have the option of offering these rates, which will be available when booking at least 14 days in advance. For these rates, full pre-payment is required at the time of booking, and the rates are non-refundable. These rates will offer up to 15% off, though the exact discounts will vary by individual hotel.