I’m So Tempted To Fly Azores Airlines To Cape Verde!!!

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Obviously not all OMAAT posts are going to appeal to everyone, and that’s totally fine. I know a good number of you love my random posts about airline routes that fascinate me, while others are bored as could be by them. This is one of those posts, so if you’re not interested, click to a different story now. 😉

I have an unhealthy obsession with looking up airline routes for no good reason. How unhealthy is my obsession? I’m trying to figure out how to position to Frankfurt to fly Condor to Whitehorse, and in the process I’ve somehow decided that it makes sense to stop in Praia, Cape Verde. Or something.

A couple of days ago I shared the 14 first & business class products I want to review next, and this particular airline wasn’t even on that list.