Introduction: Swiping Left On TAAG Angola

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Welcome to my next trip report, covering travel in Lufthansa first class, TAAG Angola first class, and American 787-9 business class! I spent a weekend flying to Germany, the UK, Portugal, Angola, and then Brazil, as one does. 😉

The primary motivation for this trip was to fly TAAG Angola, though given that they don’t fly to the US (and aren’t allowed to), that requires quite a bit of positioning. We all have things that we’re perhaps irrationally into. Some people might be into feet, I’m into flying really random airlines (from a US-centric perspective) for fun. In May 2016 I saw a TAAG Angola plane for the first time at Cape Town Airport, and there was something about it that fascinated me. As I titled my post at the time “My New Airline Crush: TAAG, You’re It!”

I was so excited to finally fly my “crush” airline, though I guess you could say it was a bad first date. Like, really, really bad. I should’ve swiped left.