Is Anyone Else Fascinated By Air North?

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A few days ago Ben wrote about some business class experiences he’d like to review. I’ve been just as fascinated by Condor’s route from Frankfurt to the Yukon as he is – so I sent him a text asking, “When are we going to Whitehorse?” Long story short, we’re planning a trip! (After all, who could say nay to a place with a name like Whitehorse?) 😉

Canada’s sparsely populated federal territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut) look beautiful, and I’ve always wanted to make my way up there. But I can’t imagine going all the way to Whitehorse without flying on the city’s hometown airline, Air North. Ever heard of it?

They have a reputation for being an especially beloved airline. Their website may not have the unnecessary complexity bells and whistles of, but it has lots of personality. Their News section, for example, contains archives going back several years, including some adorable April Fool’s releases – recent ones include announcing the acquisition of an A380 featuring a gambling hall, puppy pen, and hourly yoga classes; and promoting a new route from Whitehorse to Amritsar, India. They also have a YouTube channel, with videos that range from adorable to slightly cringeworthy.