Is It Crazy To Bring Your Own Portable Fan On A Plane?

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While airlines go great lengths to try and differentiate their premium products, sometimes they miss the boat in very simple ways. For example, one of the things I always comment on, and which has a big impact on my comfort on a flight, is individual air nozzles. Being able to sleep at a comfortable temperature with proper airflow probably impacts my comfort on a flight more than good bedding.

Yet somehow a lot of airlines choose not to install these, which I find to be frustrating. It’s especially problematic on airlines that have a tendency to keep their cabins especially warm, as I frequently wake up on some airlines drenched in sweat.

This brings me to the concept of bringing a portable USB fan onto a flight. It’s something people have recommended to me before, but that I’ve never seriously looked at, for whatever reason. A Twitter user just mentioned this once again, and I figured it makes sense for me to finally test one of these out, and report back.