Kim Jong-un’s Old Plane May Force Trump To Meet Him In Mongolia

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With a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un potentially imminent (though highly subject to change), there are lots of things that have to be worked out. The leaders haven’t yet agreed on where they’ll meet, though clearly the place they choose will have a lot of political importance. After all, a US president meeting with the leader of North Korea is almost unheard of. However, it looks like the deciding factor in this won’t just be politics, but also the range of Kim Jong-un’s plane.

Kim Jong-un’s version of Air Force One is an ancient, Russian-built, Il-62. The plane has a range of at most a few thousand miles, which creates some challenges when it comes to deciding where to meet. That’s especially true when you consider that there may be some airspace restrictions on his flight, so he can’t even use the full range of his plane. Since taking office in 2011, Kim Jong-un hasn’t flown outside of the country.

The New York Times talks about potential places the meeting could take place: