Limited Dates: Amazing Aeromexico Business Class Fares From New York To Mexico City

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I visited Mexico City for the first time late last year, and loved it. While I had connected at the airport before, that was my first time actually going into the city, and I was blown away. Traffic sucks, but otherwise it’s on par (if not better) than most European capitals. The food scene is also unrivaled, in my opinion — Mexico City easily has the best food I’ve had anywhere, and it was reasonably priced as well (even the city’s top restaurants charged a fraction of what you’d pay in New York or Los Angeles).

Anyway, availability for this deal is limited, but if you’re based in New York and want to visit Mexico City, and have some free time for a weekend in April, Aeromexico has incredible business class fares at the moment. You can fly roundtrip for ~$588, which is a really great deal. Your best bet for searching the fare is Google Flights or ITA Matrix.