Marriott Updates Lifetime Status Requirements & More

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In mid-April we learned the full details of Marriott’s new loyalty program, which will be introduced this August. That’s sooner than most of us expected, though the good news is that this should open up some short term opportunities for members. The other good news is that the new program is more or less the best case scenario, as far as I’m concerned. Valuable mileage transfers are sticking around, it’ll be possible to earn Platinum status through credit card spend, Platinum status is easy to qualify for on nights, Platinum members receive breakfast at more brands, and suite upgrades are also becoming a published elite benefit.

There have been a ton of questions about the future of the program. There are so many individual scenarios, and no matter how much information we get, I feel like there are always more questions than answers.

In hopes of answering some of those questions, today Marriott has updated their site with further information. Specifically, you can find a more detailed member benefits guide here, and some FAQs here. Marriott has also announced a positive update to lifetime status (which is good news for SPG members), and has clarified who exactly will be getting Platinum status come August.