Marriott’s Puzzling Mid-Year Program Transition

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There are so many things that I find interesting about the way in which Marriott is designing their new loyalty program. One of the things I find most surprising is the timing of the transition, and how Marriott is creating this new program as of August 2018. This only gives us a bit over three months notice of the new program being introduced. In general I’d prefer more notice for such major program changes, though at the same time I’m personally quite pleased with the new program, and will benefit from it being introduced sooner rather than later.

However, I can’t totally wrap my head around Marriott’s timing with these changes, and why they didn’t instead just announce a new program starting in 2019. The way I see it, consumers both win and lose because of this decision. While I think the new program is mostly very well thought out, I’m not sure I get Marriott’s motive here.