New Amex Offer: $60 Off A $200+ Hyatt Regency Stay (Targeted)

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For those of you not familiar with Amex Offers, it’s a program available through most Amex cards, where different cards are eligible for different savings and bonus offers. In many cases the offers can be huge, and more than offset the annual fee on a card.

To view Amex Offers, go to the bottom of the account summary page of any American Express card, where you’ll see all the offers you’re eligible for. These offers come in different forms, including discounts and even in some cases bonus points.

There’s a new targeted Amex Offer for Hyatt Regency, valid for purchases through May 27, 2018. With this offer you can get $60 off $200+ worth of spend at a Hyatt Regency, which is the equivalent of 30% off.