New Restrictions On Buying Access To Air France’s La Premiere Lounge

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Based on my rankings, Air France offers one of the world’s best first class experiences. When I last ranked the world’s best first class products, Air France’s 777-300ER first class topped the list (though in fairness, Emirates’ new 777-300ER first class and Singapore’s new A380 first class have been introduced since then, so it may be time to revisit that list).

Not only that, but Air France also offers the world’s best first class ground experience at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, with their spectacular La Premiere Lounge. If you’re connecting in Paris they’ll pick you up from your arriving flight and bring you to the lounge, and then when your connecting flight is ready to depart, you’ll be driven to that plane as well.

The food in the Air France La Premiere Lounge is the best of any lounge I’ve experienced. There’s also a spa, where you can receive a complimentary treatment. Perhaps best of all, the entire experience is performed with such French confidence, which I can’t help but love.