Next Destinations For Singapore Airlines’ New A380: Shanghai & Zurich

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Last November, Singapore Airlines revealed the details of their new A380 Suites & business class products. The airline is currently in the process of taking delivery of five new Airbus A380 aircraft, which they’re using to replace their first five A380s that they received about a decade ago (which are being retired). Since these planes feature new cabins, Singapore Airlines intends to reconfigure their existing A380s with the new cabins between 2018 and 2020.

I flew Singapore Airlines roundtrip on their new A380 earlier this year — I flew from Singapore to Sydney in their new business class, and from Sydney to Singapore in their new Suites.

Overall I was reasonably impressed by both products, but not blown away. Business class was a marginal improvement over their old business class product. I rank it as number eight on my list of the world’s nine best business class seats. The seat is spacious, though still has the downside of requiring you to sleep at an angle towards the side of the plane in order to be able to fully stretch your legs.