Often Overlooked Routes For Redeeming British Airways Avios

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Some folks seem to malign the British Airways Avios program as “worthless” given its reputation for high redemption levels on long-haul flights and excessive surcharges.

But like most of you know, distance based award charts offer some real opportunities. And with British Airways Avios readily transferable from Chase, Amex, and SPG currencies, program members have multiple pathways to pad their Avios balances.

As a Chicagoan based out of a oneworld hub, I have been a power user of Avios since the program’s 2011 inception. This is coming from someone who has never actually flown a plane with “British Airways” painted on the outside. Try explaining that to a layperson.

I also happen to be a millennial, with an affinity for wanderlust and a healthy aversion to commitment, and a tendency towards booking several short haul flights per year within 21 days of departure.